Our business started on June, 2022, amid the heat of the covid-19 outbreak. We at Krogan, and we're sure among many of your reading this, have lost many people close to us, whether they were relatives or friends or coworkers, it is hard to find anyone who's life has not been changed due to the circumstances surrounding them during the pandemic.

We decided to start our business due to the difficulties that came packaged with the pandemic, be it financial or otherwise. While we don't shy away from admitting that the purpose of this business is to build our brand and expand our business in the future, we also and more importantly want to build a loyal customer base that will be the foundation of our business in the years to come. We have no doubt that our business will grow, and the products we sell will become more diverse. We will strive to meet your expectations, and build upon them to create a place that you will always feel content to come back to and purchase from.

We're always grateful to your feedback and product reviews, the feedback will help us improve and create a better destination for your in the future. Thank you very much for reading and we look forward to our future with you as our foundation.

Warmest Regards,

Krogan Team


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